Owner & Creative Director

Art has always been a part of my life since the age I was able to hold a paintbrush. This passion cultivated into photography when I got my first 35mm film camera in high school. During my first year at University I was recruited by an award winning wedding photographer. This kickstarted my professional career, shooting over 30 weddings every year, until he retired in 2014. The valuable on the job training & experience I gained in these intense few years was exactly what I needed to develop my own unique creative style.

What inspires me the most is knowing that my art will capture the most beautiful & cherished moments of someone's life. Unlike some of our competitors, we strive to have the latest and greatest technology. We are constantly reinvesting in the best equipments, ensuring that your event is captured & shared in the best quality possible. We offer top of the range high quality Italian handcrafted storybooks.



Second Photographer

We ran into each other many times & instantly became very good friends quickly. By working alongside each other we naturally got use to each other's working style. We use this to our advantage on-location by planning each event to make sure we don't step on each other's foot & more importantly make sure we don't get in each other's shots!


Drone Pilot

A fully qualified & insured drone pilot, Alex is pivotal in keeping us up to date with  the CAA's (Civil Aviation Authority) latest guidelines & flight restrictions.

Alex joined us a year ago & set up the aerial imaging side of our business but you will also see him getting his sleeves rolled up & having lots of input into lots of our other projects.

Expect to see him at Corporate Events, Company Promo Filming & Maybe even at your Wedding...Be sure to look up!