Creative Director & Lead Photographer

Art has always been a part of my life since the age I was able to hold a paintbrush. My passion in art cultivated into photography when I got my first film camera in school. During my first year at University I was recruited by an award winning wedding & portrait photographer. This kickstarted my professional career, we were shooting weddings non-stop all around the UK until he retired in 2014. The valuable on the job training & experience I gained in these intense few years was exactly what I needed to develop my own unique creative style and start my own business in 2015.

Although wedding photography is really challenging, exciting and emotionally rewarding. I prefer to remain exclusive to couples that share a similar style and overall vision to mine. My methods are a bit different, somewhat unique in the industry, and I feel it is the reason why I am blessed to have so many awesome brides and grooms every year. There is nothing more satisfying than having the honour to witness and document the love between two people on their wedding day, and being able to tell their story visually so it can be relived and cherished for eternity. Unlike some of our competitors, we only take one wedding a day, promising you the undivided attention of our professional dedicated wedding team.

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Co-founder & Editor

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