{ Kadwa Patidar Centre Kenmore Ave, Harrow, Middlesex HA3 8LU }

Kadwa Patidar Centre or most commonly known as the KP centre, is known to be one of the most popular wedding venues in Harrow. Apart from its large guest capacity, the large roof light window gives the venue interesting warm natural light.

This venue has a special meaning to me and my family. That’s because I am due to tie the knot here on 9th July 2016! In case you’re wondering, I am not going shooting my own wedding! So everytime I find myself at KP I am always trying new angles, trying out different lighting techniques so I can share some notes to my wedding photographer.

I bet you’re wondering who will be shooting my wedding? I've got the pleasure to have my wedding photography covered by my photography Guru Mr Tim Spiers. Tim and I go way back when I was a college student and I managed to impress him with my amerture photography skill and he took me on as his assistant then then eventually his second photographer and then few years later he was letting me take my own weddings. I started to develop my own style and I’ve never looked back!

After a serious accident Tim changed his career path but not as much as you may think. He started his own product photography company in King's cross and it's been keeping him really busy. It's safe to say that my wedding may be his last wedding he will be covering as a wedding photographer so I am really exited and can't wait for the big day to arrive!

After booking the venue, the venue's chairman asked me to cover his daugher's engagement and they loved my work so I am also covering her wedding next year. They've even recently reached out to me and asked me to take some images for them to display on their new website and here's the results!

Kadwa Patidar Centre 01
Kadwa Patidar Centre 02
Kadwa Patidar Centre 03
Kadwa Patidar Centre 04
Kadwa Patidar Centre 05
Kadwa Patidar Centre 06
Kadwa Patidar Centre 10
Kadwa Patidar Centre 12

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